Sunday, March 1, 2015

Artist Tracy Ellyn Coordinating Healing Paris and Artists 4 Israel Initiatives

Tracy Ellyn and The Zen Tov Project are proud to be part of the Healing Paris and Artists 4 Israel initiatives. This effort has been named as one of Israel's top 15 innovations. We have the Miami area help supply Healing Arts Kits to children suffering from ptsd from the recent and ongoing terrorist attacks in both Paris and Israel. If you would like to contribute toward some kits, or if you are a school, synagogue, healthcare provider, or other non-profit in the Miami area, and would like to be involved in this tremendous endeavor, please contact us at Tracy Ellyn/Healing Paris/Artists4Israel-Miami. Please visit and for truly heartwarming photos and further information on this important work. Save a life via the arts today! Thank you!

Tracy Ellyn
The Zen Tov Project